About Us

In the world of diamonds and gemstones many people, such as yourselves, never get to see the vast amount of different stones available for purchase. Stonz’ very existence is centred around the fact that we are able showcase and sell a much wider variety of stones than you’ll find at most jewellers. 


  • All pictures and videos of products on our website (and social media) are taken by us, onsite in our offices.
  • We are members of the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa and affiliate members of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses. 
  • All of our stock is sourced from legitimate suppliers. 
We are never more than a visit, a phone-call, an email or a direct-message away from assisting you in your quest to find the perfect stone or jewellery piece. You pick your stone and we’ll do the rest! Can’t find the perfect diamond or gem? Contact us via rolling@stonz.diamonds and we’ll be sure to assist you in your search for the perfect stone.


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